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Multi sensors DIY
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Multi sensors DIY
Multi sensors DIY
Multi sensors DIY
Multi sensors DIY
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Multi sensors DIY

communication internet
The CPU has a web interface to simply connect it to your wifi box, either in WIFI 20 to 80 mbps, or wired with its ethernet RJ45, 100 mbps. The CPU also has a USB port, ready to receive a 3G key (the provider of your choice). With a low wifi connection in the technical room, add 1 terminal powerline extended wifi allows to extend the communication for less than $80. The web interface of the CPU also allows you to change firmware in 2 clicks.
User Interface - UI
Use your tablet, smartphone or PC to enter the user interface to monitor and control your pool. Two IOS and Android applications are available on GG SENSOR blinds and a responsive WEB interface These interfaces allow you to communicate with your controller from anywhere. In the case of an "embedded intelligence" version, the CPU has its own responsive WEB interface on which you connect locally, http: //sondegg.local If you connect this version to the internet, you can also use the apps ios or Android to communicate remotely.
analyse de l'eau
Analysis Shield
It is composed of 3 BNC sockets, 2 digital inputs and 1 analog input to calculate the data of a dozen different probes. Overall, we will use an ORP (Redox) electrode, a pH electrode, an EC electrode (conductivity), a temperature sensor and a flow or pressure sensor for the circuit.
Open system
These probes are guaranteed for 1 year. However it should be known that since the launch in April 2015, our online circuit still works without change of probes. We have selected quality manufacturers for these probes, but you can change them with any standard market sensor.
pilotage piscine
Relays Shield
6 Relay 1NO (normally open) provides contact with equipment in the technical room. Your appliances can be directly connected above the limit of 30 A, 1/2 cv. For mounting requiring more power, these relays will power a power contactor suitable for the device to be controlled. Thus you can control up to 6 machines. With a dual speed pump, it will use 2 relays.
In your customer area, you have several firmwares developed for each case, depending on the sensors used and the devices piloted. For a different version, our technical department develops it within 48 hours. In the near future, you will be able to create your own firmware online and download it instantly.
support multi sondes
Probes and sensors
They are standardized. We have opted for quality electrodes to limit maintenance. 2 options will be available to you, change them at the right time for market probes or opt for an annual maintenance contract of $ 130 / year for the complete block change (probes + probe door), as soon as one of It necessitates a change.
Soit un support multi sondes pour 5 sondes définies (piscine et spa) - ORP/ pH/ EC / température/ pression. Ce support de 2 pouces et demi se monte sur un T fourni qui s'adapte aux circuits de 75 mm ou avec réducteurs 63 ou 50 mm ; Soit opter pour des colliers de prise en charge et les installer sur votre circuit hydraulique, en fonction de vos besoins
Multi sensors DIY
sonde GG
intelligence server side
wifi, ethernet
3G dongle:
0 à 14 - ag/agCl
-2500 à 2500 mv -ag/agCl
platinium x 2
5 bars inox
ds18B20 inox
Power supply:
12V 5A transformer
Card 6 relay 1NO 110/220 v
Circuit analysis:
delivered with enclosure IP 68
Multi-probe support (ph, orp, temp, EC, pressure)
2 rj45

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